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finally got the next chapter done

Now that Naruto knows that Kaida's practically his sister, he's finally finding out what's been kept from him all these years.

Title: Kyoudai
Ch. 02: Answers
Status: 2/5?
Author: seizansha
Rating: R for Death and demon sealing
Genre: Drama, future romance and angst
Disclaimer: It's Masashi Kishimoto's universe, I'm only playing in it.
Author's Note: A friendly little reminder - this is set within the first year of the time-skip - after the second time Naruto and Jiraiya leave.

and this picks up right where ch. 1 left off so here's a link.

“The Great Yondaime Hokage, Konoha’s Yellow Flash himself immediately,” Kaida paused, leaning right into Naruto’s face, “fainted.”

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