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[Fanfic: JiKaka] As Time Goes By

Hallo, here's hoping I'm not being too presumptuous.  ^^  Sorta lurked before now, but have finally finished a oneshot and hoped I wouldn't be treading on anyone's toes by posting.
Author: Zhang Sizheng
Title: As Time Goes By
Genre: General, reflective, friendship
Pairing: Jiraiya/Kakashi (sorta).  Minato/Kakashi if you squint.
Rated: T (for Language)
Summary: Jiraiya was twenty-four, and knew that the kid was going to be fucking screwed in the head when he peeked over the rush bassinet and saw a tuft of light hair buried in a mismatched pile of puppies.  Gift fic for checkerbloom

Read at

Reviewing there, or commenting here... both're gleetastic.  *bites nails anxiously*
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