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Updated links

I know that you wanted to put December up at some point, so I thought I'd be helpful and tell you that I've done some editing and reposting, so the old links do not work. But, I have them all assembled for you.

December: It's sad quiet in our apartment, because Itachi doesn't talk much. He laughs even less. I don't laugh much either, because there's nothing to laugh about anymore. Especially in December.

Category: Chapter fic
Status: Work in Progress
Rating: R for language, drug and sexual references, mature subject matter.
Pairings: KisaIta, KakaIru, a bit of GenRai

Notes- In my projected timetable, the completion of Chapter Four marked the halfway point. This is now the official second half of the story. The first half is 67 pages long on Microsoft Word and contains 41,196 words, including author notes. This one is, once again, promising to turn out just as long or longer than the last one. I’m hoping that I can wrap this up within my original timetable estimation, but there may end up being nine chapters as opposed to eight, with the addition of an epilogue Which, god help me, will be short.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four, Part I
Chapter Four, Part II
Chapter Five Part I
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