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December Chapter Six

December: It's sad quiet in our apartment, because Itachi doesn't talk much. He laughs even less. I don't laugh much either, because there's nothing to laugh about anymore. Especially in December.

Category: Chapter fic
Status: Work in Progress
Rating: R for language, drug and sexual references, mature subject matter.
Pairings: KisaIta, KakaIru, a bit of GenRai
Beta: Plot Afficianado

Notes: Broke a narration pattern here. Sasuke starts, but he doesn’t finish. There will be less of him in the next two chapters and more KakaIru and KisaIta moments. He’ll be back in Chapter Eight.

And what’s this? Chapter Six is shorter than Chapter Five? Yes, I think so.

See end notes for an inquiry. The link will lead to my other journal.

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