thunder suckle fuzz canyon (crimsoncourt) wrote in hiddenvillage,
thunder suckle fuzz canyon

[Fanfiction] December Chapter Eight

December: It's sad quiet in our apartment because Itachi doesn't talk much. He laughs even less. I don't laugh much either, because there's nothing to laugh about anymore. Especially in December.

Category: Chapter fic, AU
Status: Work in Progress
Rating: R
Pairings: KisaIta, KakaIru, a bit of GenRai

Notes: Been awhile since the last update...but it's long to make up for it?

Chapter One-August I & II
Chapter Two-August III & IV
Chapter Three-September I & II
Chapter Four-September III & September IV
Chapter Five-October I & October II
Chapter Six-October III & November I
Chapter Seven-November II

Chapter Eight-December I & December II
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I just finished reading chapter eight. I was like WHOA! Thanks for sharing. You shd know by now how much I love this fic. ^^

i think i have some idea :D