JBMcDragon (jbmcdragon) wrote in hiddenvillage,

Hidden Village changes and submission policies

Hey, folks! Okay, so I officially closed down the Hidden Village, but have sorta opened up this LJ as the take-over.

If you've been posting stories here, then you may, of course, continue. December, for instance, will continue to happily be posted here.

If you had stories posted up at Hidden Village before, you're more than welcome to submit stories again! (If you want to be awesome and submit links to anything marked as 'unfinished' there, I will fix the Hidden Village webpage links. Seems only fair. >.>) (Note that in the profile for here I say that I'd rather not be linking off-LJ. That DOES NOT apply if you're telling me where the completed version of one of your stories is. I will link to wherever it's posted, happily. ;))

If you didn't have stories posted up at Hidden Village before, you're also more than welcome to submit stories here! The same submission rules apply, I'm still just as picky, and you might check BOTH the profile here and the submission rules (linked to from the profile here) before submitting.

As always, if you want to rec someone else's work, that's awesome! I will happily post that, too. ;) (Provide links! Again, preferably on LJ, but I will make some allowances for the fact that you can't re-post someone's work, or control where they posted it. >.>)

And if I had a bunch of your stories posted there, and you're still writing, well, I would love to see you here. ;)

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