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hiddenvillage's Journal

Hidden Village
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Anybody , Moderated
The LJ for the fanfic archive Hidden Village. Post fanfic here.
This is the livejournal for the Naruto fanfic archive, Hidden Village. While the 'Village is now closed for submissions, you may still submit stories to this LJ.

You are more likely to get a 'yes' response if:

1) You've run spellcheck and have proper grammar.
2) It DOES NOT link off LJ. You're more than welcome to link to your own LJ, but I'm biased against linking to something formatted elsewhere--because I, personally, find fanfic.net and aff.net annoying to read on. Sorry. Linking to either of those is a lot more likely to get a 'reject' response without me ever actually looking at your story.
3) You have a summary that tells me what the story is about, without cute little shortenings ("chappy," for instance) or self-derisive statements ("I'm not a very good writer, but..." "I hope this is okay, but they might be ooc!" If YOU don't think it's good, why should I bother checking?). Your summary is a reflection of your story: if it's not well-written, I'm going to assume your story isn't, either. No pressure. ;)
4) You've read and are adhering to the Hidden Village submission guidelines.

If you have a fic you think would belong at Hidden Village if Hidden Village were still being updated, feel free to submit it here. I shall call this... the mini-archive! ;)